Because on Twitter to retweet now you have to click "Quote"

Because on Twitter to retweet now you have to click Quote

The system aims to discourage users who retweet relentlessly to limit the circulation of fake news ahead of the US presidential election

(Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) Twitter changes temporarily the mechanics of retweeting ahead of the US presidential election. Now here he wants to share someone else's post with his followers.

Simple retweets have been temporarily suspended, leaving room for the retweet with comment, which shows the original tweet as a quote. With this obstacle, the social network wants to induce subscribers to think before clicking send. The new mode is active on both mobile and desktop versions.

Two weeks ago we previewed some temporary changes we're making ahead of # Election2020 to encourage more thoughtful consideration before Tweets are amplified and to add additional context across Twitter. Today, you'll see them on Twitter.

- Twitter Comms (@TwitterComms) October 20, 2020

Obviously inserting a own comment is not required. The user can still share the tweet without writing anything. This approach will not be permanent but will last until November 3, the day of the presidential elections in the United States. The move aims to tone down and reduce the circulation of fake news during the American election campaign, however the platform has decided to extend it globally.

This is really annoying for people who aren't in America https : //

- Alistair Haimes (@AlistairHaimes) October 20, 2020

Many users have already complained about the extra step, showing that Twitter may have actually found an effective method to discourage wild retweet. In addition to changing the retweet, Twitter has also temporarily suppressed the appearance of Retweeted by or Liked by recommendations in its feed.

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