The Court of Miracles: the international edition of La Cour des Miracles is coming

The Court of Miracles: the international edition of La Cour des Miracles is coming
Lucky Duck Games has announced the release of The Court of Miracles, a competitive board game in which players will take control of gangs of thieves in 16th-century Paris. Launched in 2019 for the French market with the title La Cour des Miracles, this game will face the international market.

The Court of Miracles, created by Vincent Brugeas and Guilhem Gautrand, will see the players (from 2 to 5 , ages 10 and up) compete for control of Paris. Players will begin the game by controlling small groups of thieves struggling with various objectives on the streets of the city; Over time, gangs of thugs will be rewarded with territory influence and more.

The Court of Miracles will feature elements such as worker placement and area control. The game will also be animated by the presence of Plot Cards and special Rogue Tokens, which, if spent, will allow the use of special skills and actions, which will make every game of The Court of Miracles unpredictable.

The game will feature a bluffing and shrewd component, as the identities of the various thieves will be secret, and players will be able to replace the weaker members of their gang with more skilled and able-to-use thieves.

But to gain fame and wealth in the world of thieves, you will also need to be able to cope with rival gangs and be able to stand up to the confrontation with the ruthless duels, in which it will be established which is the strongest thief.

The Court of Miracles will be available, in English, starting September 2020 at a price of $ 39.99. Inside the game box you will find: the game board, 62 wooden tokens, 80 cardboard game tokens, 29 cards, 1 cloth bag and the Penniless King marker.

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