TikTok: a data center in Europe, in Ireland

TikTok: a data center in Europe, in Ireland
The creation of a European data center for TikTok has been announced. ByteDance will realize it with an investment quantified in 420 million euros. In doing so, the Chinese group takes a further step in the social network's westernization process, precisely in the days when the negotiation for the sale to Microsoft in the USA is under discussion.

A data center in Europe for TikTok videos

This is what we read in the post signed by Roland Cloutier, Global Chief Information Security Officer of the platform. There is talk of 2022 as the deadline for the switching on of the plant, located in Ireland and which will create several hundred new jobs there. The localization will also improve the quality of the service provided to users of the old continent.

More importantly, it will allow the company to operate in full compliance with the provisions of our rules on data processing, GDPR in first place. Last month rumors circulated about the possible opening of a headquarters in the UK, with completely similar purposes.

We recall that the acquisition by Microsoft, if it will go through, will concern the TikTok business only and exclusively in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, not globally. Still to be determined in what ways and with what governance the platform will continue to remain active under the control of different entities.

Source: TikTok

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