Trump: 'Children immune to COVID-19', via the post

Trump: 'Children immune to COVID-19', via the post
Removed the post originally published by the @TeamTrump account and then shared by the official Donald Trump account containing a video that states that children are immune to coronavirus. Not exactly what the United States needs right now, still struggling with not exactly exemplary management of the pandemic. Below is the statement regarding the fact attributed to a spokesperson for Facebook.

This video includes false statements about a group of people immune to COVID-19 which is a violation of our rules regarding misinformation on coronavirus.

Small “virtually immune” to coronavirus: FB and Twitter silence Trump

Twitter also deleted the post, for the same exact reasons. Yet another reason for friction between the current tenant of the White House and social networks. For this reason, in recent months the entourage of the US President at work on the campaign for his re-election has assessed the possibility of moving the communication to another platform, Parler, certainly less popular, but considered more permissive with content of questionable nature. .

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 5, 2020

In an interview broadcast yesterday Trump said that the little ones should go back to school as "almost immune" or "virtually immune" to COVID-19, forgetting that although in the younger age groups fewer serious cases have actually been recorded of the disease, they can still act as a carrier of contagion by transmitting the pathogen to others even in the absence of symptoms. For completeness of information, it is good to specify that some deaths even in preschool age are documented.

Source: NBC News

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