PlayStation: Launching a console during a pandemic "is a huge challenge on all fronts" - article

PlayStation: Launching a console during a pandemic is a huge challenge on all fronts - article
PlayStation has launched the first advertising campaign for its PlayStation 5, which points out that the next generation will be entirely based on the "feeling" that the games convey. And it has been that way from the start with PS5. This new console will be less based on the visual impact of games (we have seen a decrease in this aspect with every past generation), but much more on the sound sector, on how it will exploit the controller and on speed.

You saw it in Sony's big PS5 reveal in June, and you can see it in this TV commercial, which begins with: "Welcome to a world where you can hear more." But there is a considerable drawback to all of this. Nobody can "feel" the PS5 right now. Sony cannot bring the console and its controller (aptly named DualSense) to PAX, Gamescom or EGX. He cannot take it to shopping malls, nor put demo stations in shops.

To see this content please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings "This is a very difficult challenge on all fronts," explains Eric Lempel, SVP and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment. "Not just for the parts of the organization that I oversee, but for all of them. The good thing is that we are all pushing together. We will launch this year (and it will actually happen) and from my point of view this launch will be peppered with all the magic and enthusiasm of the throws we have performed in the past.

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