PS5, unveiled a new console feature

PS5, unveiled a new console feature
It appears that a new feature was discovered by chance by a journalist. In recent months, unfortunately, we are not having great information on the PS5 operating system, we only had a small hint of the accession during the last June event. Hoping to be able to see something more concrete during the next month, however, a GameReactor author seems to have learned of a new feature that will be available on Sony's new flagship.

During a preview test of the next all WRC 9 release, the editor got a glimpse of a title feature called Activities. According to the news of the same, which has now obviously been taken down from the site, this works would be an integration with the console operating system, which would allow you to immediately jump into the action instead of starting the title from the beginning. All this obviously would take full advantage of the capabilities of the new PS5 SSD and certainly would be an excellent response to the counterpart that we can find on Series X.

Gamereactor preview article for WRC 9 mentioned an unannounced # PS5 feature. Article was here but was taken offline:


- Gematsu ( @gematsucom) July 28, 2020

At the moment, however, we do not have more information, but we know that Sony still has a lot to show us, and not only the operating system side. August is still long and we will probably be able to see another show completely dedicated to the console in which some other small news will be announced. Cerny himself referred to new functions, new ways of approaching software, through the new console architecture.

If what we expect is a total reassessment of the XMB , then we will be very happy to understand what will be the future of the operating system of Sony. We will, of course, we will be here to update you promptly on the new console. In the meantime, you let us know what you think of the one that showed up today? Do you think PS5 will reign supreme even in this generation, or will have to fear Microsoft, with its supremacy of the services ? As always, tell us with a comment under this news!

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