FIFA 21: EA has removed two celebrations considered toxic

FIFA 21: EA has removed two celebrations considered toxic
FIFA 21 will not have two particular celebrations, one of which is now historic in the world of football, which have often been used by the community to exacerbate the environment, therefore considered toxic and removed by EA among the novelties decided for the new football simulation.

One of these is the index finger carried on the mouth and resting on the nose, or the classic gesture used to "silence" after a goal, which can be aimed at different subjects based on the context: the public, the opponents or who knows who else depending on the situation you are in.

In short, the "shush" is a celebration that has entered the standard dynamics of real football and consequently also in simulated football, the problem is that it was almost used as a weapon by some members of the community, who started to abuse it until it became a sort of method to bully or otherwise make the environment toxic.

The reason for so much nervousness could also be given d to the fact that the gesture can be made while running by the player, with the possibility of prolonging it for several seconds, thus causing pauses that can increase tension. In fact, it is a sort of teasing that has gone viral in the FIFA environment, but it will no longer be possible to use it.

This has led Electronic Arts to completely remove the gesture from FIFA 21, together with the gesture of "A -OK ", made famous by Dele Alli and introduced for the first time in FIFA 20: the latter is much less popular and the reason for the elimination is not clear, but it is possible that it has been removed because it is associated with the classic gesture of OK, it has become a sort of reference to incitement to hatred, also because based on the particular meaning given in some countries it can become disparaging in particular towards homosexual people.

you Can find more information about the game with trailers of the gameplay, pictures and details from Electronic Arts, and in new tried of FIFA 21 .


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