Fortnite: drive a car from Corso Commercio to Parco Pacifico

Fortnite: drive a car from Corso Commercio to Parco Pacifico
Yesterday, after a long wait, the Fortnite 13.40 update was finally published. The update has introduced many innovations, but certainly the most interesting is that of cars, a new means of getting around the roads from the island. Today, the new challenges of the week are available and, of course, there is no lack of one dedicated to four wheels: "drive a car from Corso Commercio to Parco Pacifico in less than 4 minutes". Here is a guide to complete it comfortably.

Fortnite | Drive a car from Corso Commercio to Parco Pacifico

Let's see in a quick list all the most important details to consider in order to complete the challenge. Obviously, since Fortnite's mission requires starting the race starting from Corso Commercio, it is convenient to land in this location so as to decrease the waste of time and the risk of running into too many players.

By following these tips and the path indicated in the video just below it will be possible to reach your destination in just over two minutes: it is therefore a not too complex challenge, even if you have not yet learned how to use cars in the best way. Let's see what you need to pay attention to:

Choose a car that has more than 50% of petrol in the tank: the distance to cover is not very short, so it is better not to risk running out of fuel. passing over the grass as it slows down the speed: use the paved roads to go fast. The vehicles have different maximum speeds, but you can easily cope with the slower ones. Once you arrive in Parco Pacifico, you will complete the challenge and get the Experience Points. Tell us, does it seem complex, or do you think you can complete the challenge "drive a car from Corso Commercio to Parco Pacifico" in less than four minutes without too many problems?

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