Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, guide to levels and game modes

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, guide to levels and game modes
No one could have ever predicted the success of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but so be it: the title of Mediatonic and Devolver Digital is literally inflaming the summer on PlayStation 4 and PC. PS4 users, in particular, can experience it for free via PlayStation Plus, being part of the titles of the month, and play it online with the growing community gathered around the game. This guide to levels and game modes will allow you to start playing with an edge and - if you have already started to delve into the crazy world of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - will provide you with other information and advice, useful for trying to win the coveted crown. We remind you that every game of Fall Guys involves the participation of 60 online players, and that round after round only one of them will remain standing.

Controls and possibilities

Candies Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout gummies are very nice, but it's not like they have who knows what sophisticated fighting moves: the game controls are thus limited to three simple possibilities, bearing in mind the PlayStation 4 version. You can make the jump (with X ), you can dive forward (with Square) and finally interact with surrounding objects or grab enemies (R2). And that's it, apart of course the movements linked to the left analog stick and the camera controlled by the right one.

There is little to memorize, it is true, but it should be borne in mind that these few possibilities lend themselves to many uses in the course of the matches different. The dip in the forward , for example: it can make you gain inches right before the finish line, and save you at the last moment by the deletion. Or in the Tip Toe, the game mode where you must walk on a suspended platform, trying to locate the boxes indestructible-bright, forming a secure path, where the dip allows you to jump between two secure points and avoiding others that are collapsing. Last perfect the dip is essential to jump in the rings, the most complex of Hoopsie Daisy.

Grabbing enemies is a move that can definitely come to your advantage in many situations, as long as you don't start to abuse it just for the fun of it at every opportunity; especially in the challenges in teams, you can coordinate with their teammates. It is the case of the Rock N ' Roll, in which three teams try to work together to lead you to your destination in a giant ball, a member of the team can run towards the enemy and stop the advance, or hitting directly at the ball, or grabbing the other opponents present. In Perfect Match, pushing and strattonando, we have seen, often throw into the void the enemies by the boxes of "safe". It's a disgrace not just.

The game modes and levels

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout currently has three different game modes , which in Italian could be translated with Race, Survival and Team (Race, Survival, Team). The objectives of course are different every time, and every mode features a number of more or less large number of layers with internal changes; however, it is clear that your purpose is to remain standing, while the other opponents end up deleted. There is no real order: this is the title for Mediatonic to choose the most suitable mode in a given time, depending on the players available (many come from the game between rounds and the other).

The mode of the game Race provides a path littered with various obstacles, the more or less lethal: each player can find complex a particular obstacle rather than another, but in general all can be addressed with nerves of steel, foresight, and mastery of the game controls. You will find along the way fruit giant that does not see the time to invest in full, swings fickle, jelly no bath, foot pegs, and objects bouncing able to put in discussion your balance is already precarious; and gates to destroy or work around if indestructible, walls that raise and lower, causing deviations in the path, and so on.

These are the levels currently available in run mode: Dizzy Heights, with the rotating platforms and balls ready to invest yourself See Saw, at the base of swings and a Fruit Chute, you'll have to get to the finish while the fruit giant will going to rain on him Hit Parade, with self-aligning ball ready to hit you, and gelatin, slippery Door and the Dash, doors to destroy along the road: it is better not to be the first in line, you never know which one is the indestructible Gate Crash, similar to Door Dash, but the shutters are raised and lowered rhythmically Slime Climb, the vertical path with various difficulty on each floor; to touch the jelly is equivalent to certain death, The Whirlygig, the rotating platforms at the end, and also wind turbines that are likely to start enjoying away once A 20ina or a 30ina of players will have been eliminated, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will pass to the levels of Survival , where in fact you can even ignore your enemies; the important thing is not to be eliminated from the level itself, which will propose a difficulty after the other: Jump Club, all the players are on a rotating platform, and should jump at the arrival of the obstacles to the Block Party, all the players are on a platform property, but you must dodge blocks coming ever more quickly and with less and less free points available to Roll Out, all players are on a giant roller divided into sections; the sections went in different directions, at different speeds and with different dangers And of course the odious challenges in Teams : it is not levels a little funny, to be clear, simply, it is really easy to end up deleted because the other members of the team did not have any intention to cooperate or not familiar with the functioning of the mission. You will be you to make up for these shortcomings. Egg Scramble, players steal the eggs and bring it to their base; you can steal them also in the enemy bases Jinxed, the players infected must grab healthy ones, lose the team with more "infections" Hoarders, players must keep the balls inside his own area on the game board Hoopsie Daisy, the players jump to the inside of the rings that disappear and appear constantly, the player who wins the most rings (and therefore points) Rock ' N ' Roll, the team must bring the ball to the end of the path, before any of the others, of course, Fall Ball, two soccer balls in the field at a time, the player who scores the most goals Perfect Match, a memory with fruit to match, Tail Tags, some players have to queue, the team that wins at the end of time it has conquered the greater number And this for now is the following: can we come back with a new guide dedicated to the final challenges to win the crown. Perhaps we'll do it.

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