Star Trek - 3 ideas for a movie are evaluated but without Quentin Tarantino

Star Trek - 3 ideas for a movie are evaluated but without Quentin Tarantino
Paramount Pictures and CBS have revitalized the Star Trek franchise in recent years. First with a discreet, and perhaps underestimated film trilogy at the base of which was the relaunch conceived by JJ Abrams, and then with a new television universe in continuous growth and expansion that boasts two of the best series of the last television seasons, Discovery and Picard.

However the latest film in the franchise - 2016's Star Trek Beyond is a distant memory - and after the forced hiatus caused by the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, discussions seem to have resumed with Emma Watts, the new head of Paramount's film division, more than ever determined to bring Star Trek back to the cinema.

Three hypotheses are currently being examined.

The first, and the most accredited, is linked to the name of Noah Hawley who would write the screenplay and direct the film. The studios would still be reluctant to approve the project. Hawley has always declared himself a fan of the classic series but would have required a complete and total renewal of the cast with respect to the trilogy set in the Kelvin Timeline, furthermore his screenplay provides for an unspecified space virus, a decidedly off-limits topic given the current situation.

The second would play it safe. The studios would be ready to make major offers to both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine to return to their respective roles as a second script bases the film's plot on a time travel series. Initially this project was entrusted to the director S. J. Clarkson, who has now slipped away for other television projects.

The third and last hypothesis, that is the most striking, pulls in dance Quentin Tarantino. The volcanic director is directly or indirectly linked to Star Trek, from 2017, that is, from when he expressed his interest to direct a film based on a script by Mark L. Smith defined as “Pulp Fiction in space”. Even with Tarantino definitely no longer interested in the project, as explained by himself, in a recent interview, the project would still be standing and would be based on the episode of the classic series, entitled “A Piece of the Action” in which the Enterprise discovers a planet that has developed a culture that is completely influenced by the prohibition era of the ’30s in America. The project would be “sold” as a sort of spin-off, the Logan of the franchise.

We'll see if one of these projects will never see the light!

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