DC FanDome: program and times of the event

DC FanDome: program and times of the event
A few minutes ago DC and Warner Bros. have made official the program of DC FanDome, the virtual and free convention, which will be held on Saturday 22 August in a completely free way.

Of course, the Warner Bros. Montreal panel stands out. in all probability the new game dedicated to Batman will be announced and the one yet to be announced at 00.45 in which perhaps a new film will be announced.

Here are all the panels with relative timetables, we have promptly updated the timetables with the Italian counterpart so as not to confuse you.

19 – Wonder Woman 1984 with the Lag In the, Chris Pine, Kirsten Wiig, Pedro Pascal and Patty Jenkins. Room: Hall of Heroes. 19 – The Flash tv series with the cast. Room: WatchVerse. 19.30 – Warner Bros Montreal advertisement-new video game. Room: Hall of Heroes. 19.45 – Black Lightning tv series with the cast. Room: WatchVerse. 20.45 – The Flash movie with Ezra Miller and Andy Muschietti. Room: Hall of Heroes. 21 – The Suicide Squad cast and director. Room: Hall of Heroes. 21 – Legends of Tomorrow tv series with the cast. Room: WatchVerse. 22.15 – Doom Patrol tv series with the cast. Room: WatchVerse. 23 – Suprise DC Comics comics. Room: Hall of Heroes. 23.45 – The Snyder's Cut of Justice League with Zack Snyder. Room: Hall of Heroes. 24 – Black Adam Dwayne Johnson + surprises. Room: Hall of Heroes. 00.45 – TO be announced Room: Hall of Heroes. 01 – Aquaman with James Wan and Patrick Wilson. Room: Hall of Heroes. 01.15 – Superman: Man of Tomorrow the world premiere of the new animated movie. Room: WatchVerse. 01.30 – Shazam! with Zachary Levi, and others. Room: Hall of Heroes. 2 – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League video game. Room: Hall of Heroes. 2 – Lucifer with directors and producers. Room: WatchVerse. 3.30 – The new Batman with Matt Reeves + surprises. Room: Hall of Heroes. 3.45 – Stargirl with the cast + Geoff Johns. Room: WatchVerse. 04.30 – Batwoman with the cast and producers. Room: WatchVerse. 05.15 – Harley Quinn with Kaley Cuoco, Bell, Funches, Oberrg, Alan Tudyk, and others. Room: WatchVerse. 06.30 – Batman: Three Jokers with Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok. Room: WatchVerse. A few days ago had been made known to the list of over 300 personalities taking part to the convention virtual click HERE for details.

Stands out obviously on the side of the cinema, the names of Matt Reeves, and Robert Pattinson, who should present the first trailer for The Batman, but also the filmmakers James Gunn (The Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission) and Andy Muschietti (The Flash). We will also celebrate the past with Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and Val Kilmer is the protagonist of Batman Forever, which is rumored to be a director's cut.

let's Not forget, even the slope of the comics that sees among the names involved Brian Michael Bendis, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder and Tom King. But interesting in this regard is the presence of Geoff Johns and especially Mark Waid who do not work in DC for a few years, a sensational return?

👏🏼 Presenters 👏🏽 and Guests 👏🏿 More 👏🏻 Legendary 👏🏾 Ever.On the 22nd of August you are all invited to the virtual event dedicated to fans around the world, for 24 hours, only on DCFanDome.com. #DCFanDome

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in Addition to the guests have also been announced presenters in various languages in which it is expected the event, to the of Italy by Cicero, if I may say so, it will be Andrea Delogu.

The convention will be divided in 5 rooms, alternating between the protagonists, authors, and creators to discuss the DC Multiverse and anticipate future plans.

Here's a map:

Hall of Heroes: the epicenter of the DC FanDome, in which you can attend special programming and panel-rich star, see all the new content of films, television series, games, and more. Hall of Heroes is the entry into a world tailor-made for the fans, and is available in nine languages! WatchVerse: in this environment, highly addictive, you'll be transported to a busy street in the entertainment district of the DC FanDome. You will be able to observe the shop windows, alleyways and rooftops, but make sure you visit the iconic Monarch, Athena, Kandor and McDuffie's Dakota, with the Blerd and Boujee! House, Blerds, the LatinxGeeks and all the nerds. Come in and join our virtual audience, where you will be enthralled by hours of DC not to be missed, from all over the world. By the panel, more recent, projections-exclusive movie world premiere or new, the fun is guaranteed, with the cast, creators and artists working behind-the-scenes of the TV series, film, home entertainment, games by DC and much more! YouVerse: enter a world where the FANS are the stars, to admire the most outstanding content, the cosplay and drawings are the most amazing made by fans around the world, including, perhaps, yours too! It is here that the fans are the protagonists: they are honoured and rewarded during the unique experience of the 24 hours of DC FanDome. InsiderVerse: join in the behind-the-scenes of the legendary the lot of Warner Bros. Studios, with the master craftsmen who bring to life the DC in all its forms: from comics to games, TV series, movies, theme parks, products DC, and more. FunVerse: this is the perfect place to share your FanDome DC! Explore every corner of this space engaging and interactive where you can access digital comics free, buy products and objects from the collection exclusive, our web portal allows you to pose in our location, selfie, explore the Bat-cave and many other exciting activities. KidsVerse: explore the tower of the Teen Titans, please visit the Sweet Justice Café of the DC Super Hero Girls, reach for the Bat – Cave and watch all your heroes animated favorites of this world, specially created for children of all ages, to celebrate, to play and create. The DC KidsVerse is suitable and safe for children, and can be visited directly on DCKidsFanDome.com. Immerse yourself in the Worlds of DC with this massive box set blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD that collects all the movies so far released by clicking HERE.

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