Because even Salvini should download Immuni

Because even Salvini should download Immuni

On TV he returns to his workhorses and challenges the civic duty of using the app: from returning to normality in schools to public health, a legal obligation is not needed to set a good example for millions of citizens

(Photo: Salvini guest at In Onda on August 17, 2020) The damage caused by Matteo Salvini's words on TV is enormous. Also last night, interviewed by Luca Telese and David Parenzo at In Onda su La7, he unveiled his usual repertoire from the Covid-19 era. A script that even he no longer seems to believe, interpreted with irritation and soulless, crumpled up in a midnight blue shirt: an interpretation that a theater critic would define as dull and colorless. Yet always poisonous due to the consequences it can produce between those who follow him, those who trust him, those who vote and appreciate him. Voters, followers, supporters: millions of people who take his words and positions as a reference for their daily actions and choices.

As usual, Salvini did not miss the opportunity to wink to conspiracies, he feared no one knows what interests in the continuation of the state of emergency, he magnified the role of migrants in the spread of the infection and discarded any scientific evidence submitted by the other host, the infectious disease specialist Andrea Crisanti. In particular, however, one of the hottest passages was that on the Immuni app, the exposure notification platform available since last June and stopping at around 4.5 million downloads. Threshold within which its effectiveness is obviously relative. But Immuni is there, in the digital stores: ready, safe, available and perhaps even more useful to ward off a second wave of infections.

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