Hyper Scape is available and reveals the content of its first season

Hyper Scape is available and reveals the content of its first season
Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite ... At the beginning of July, the Battle Royale genre found itself a whole new competitor with the arrival of the open beta of Hyper Scape, the Battle Royale of Ubisoft. Today, Hyper Scape leaves its open beta and enters the big leagues.

Indeed, the definitive version of Hyper Scape is finally available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To celebrate this, free-to-play is launching its first season called "The First Principle". It offers players to solve a riddle created by the company Prisma Dimensions while participating in clashes involving up to 100 players simultaneously. To learn more about the plot of the game, Hyper Scape will offer players to find each week, a new Memory Shard.

Obviously, this is not the only novelty of this Season 1, this The latter also introduces a Battle Pass, free and premium, including 100 levels of cosmetic items to unlock. Season 1 also features a brand new medium-range weapon, the Dragonfly, and a brand new Hack called Attraction to trap opponents. Over the course of the updates, it will also deploy ten additional weapons, ten new hacks as well as numerous limited-time game modes.

As promised, this Season 1 of Hyper Scape comes with the Crowncast expansion. allowing Twitch viewers to join in the action by voting for time-limited mid-game events like low gravity passages.

We are extremely proud of the launch of Hyper Scape on PC, PS4 and Xbox One today. We have worked with passion for over two years to get to this stage and we are happy to announce that this is only the beginning. With a fast paced gameplay in an urban environment as well as the unique extension Crowncast to Twitch, we have introduced a new way to play and interact with a Battle Royale. Graeme Jennings, Executive Producer of the Hyper Scape

But the extension Crowncast is not limited to this. It also allows viewers to trigger visual effects in-game, buy Coolos with Twitch-Bit to support their streamers favorites, to make progress in their Battle Pass and free premium or unlock on Twitch, from 17 to 31 August, emoticons exclusive inspired Hyper Scape. These are usable on the chat of Twitch streams when they subscribe to a channel.

Hyper Scape reveals the contents of his first Battle Pass

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