Amazon, offers and discounts for video games and IT on 1/8/2020

Amazon, offers and discounts for video games and IT on 1/8/2020
Today's Amazon offers are enriched with two robust gaming headphones, one of which is wireless and of a very high quality, and with a 4K monitor that is satisfied with 60Hz of refresh but offers 4K with FreeSync and low response times at a price decidedly tempting. We also find two other gaming headphones still on sale and the comfortable Logitech K780 wireless keyboard.

Amazon Prime, also available as a free trial, guarantees, in addition to various discounts, the use of Amazon Music base and Prime Video, the service Amazon's ever-growing streaming that gives 5 euro discount for the first view of a content. Prime Student, on the other hand, allows you to access Amazon Prime for 90 days, thanks to the sponsorship of Microsoft Surface. It also includes a discount on the annual subscription to the service that goes from 36 to 18 euros for a maximum of 4 years or until graduation. For those with a Visa card, however, there is also a 7 euro voucher by top-up 70, until 23 August. Finally, for those who are a Prime user or intend to sign up for a new promotion for Audible, add a 20% discount on the subscription and a 5 euro voucher on Amazon.

Logitech G PRO - Gaming headphones with proprietary drivers

76.83 €

Discount of over 25 euros for the stereo model of the Logitech G Pro, characterized by a good microphone, a compact external sound card and a robust structure that mixes plastic with steel and aluminum. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero - Wireless PC gaming headphones

117,12 €

Comfortable and light despite the impressive look, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero are at a discount of over 30 euros. ASUS VP28UQG - FreeSync gaming monitor with 28-inch 4K 4K display

€ 297.99

actual Discount of almost 50 euro for a monitor 4K, which is satisfied with 60Hz refresh rate and TN technology, but compensates with the FreeSync, and with a response time of one millisecond. Turtle Beach Stealth 700P PS4 - wireless gaming Headset with active noise cancellation

109,90 €

again, at the lowest price, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700P guarantee power audio, active noise reduction and an ergonomic design designed to not give discomfort to the wearer of the glasses. Razer Kraken USB - gaming Headset with THX and 7.1 audio

62,69 €

Discount of 5 euros on the version with the USB cable of good headphones from Razer in-game, clearly limited to the size gaming but comfortable, equipped with microphone foldable good qualitù and equipped with virtual surround 7.1. Logitech K780 - wireless Keyboard can sync with different devices

74,99 €

Discount of over 15 euro for the top-of-the-series range of keyboards, Logitech designed to transform tablets and smartphones laptops from work, with a lot of keys with tactile feedback is important.

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