Attack on Twitter: 3 boys arrested, case closed

Attack on Twitter: 3 boys arrested, case closed
One calls himself "Chaewon", is 19 years old and resides in the UK. The second calls himself "Rolex", is 22 years old and is from Orlando, Florida. The third is a minor (also from Florida according to what was leaked) and as such his name was not disclosed. The three would be responsible for the attack on Twitter which, in recent days, has made a series of messages appear aimed at the collection of cryptocurrencies by those who believed the messages (as they are conveyed through the accounts of famous people, with very high numbers follower).

Twitter crackers arrested

Mason Sheppard, Nima Fazeli and the third accomplice are now under arrest. David L. Anderson, head of the investigation, immediately wanted to underline how much the story shows that we cannot hide behind anonymity and that crackers will always be pursued: the case, known for the striking form in which it has been revealed , therefore becomes a manifesto for the police, who now take advantage of the echo to claim their role and the ability of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice to reach those responsible.

Over 100 violated accounts triggered immediate investigations which soon identified the three boys. FBI Special Agent John F. Bennett underlines this aspect: although in some cases it takes years to get to the people in charge, the immediate reaction in this matter has led to gathering concrete results in a few weeks.

The identity of the three shows as it was not an attack that is particularly sophisticated, or to purposes that are particularly hazardous: a stunt of high-profile, which will be paid at a price because soon transformed into a real scam contours to some extent sensational. Would be 400 users being scammed, and the amount collected is estimated at around 100 thousand dollars . The legal costs will be far higher and unlikely to be used clemency vis-à-vis two of the three protagonists of this crime. The documents of the prosecution is clear from the outset: there is a risk of 5 years imprisonment, 250 thousand dollars of a fine and other accessory penalties.

Source: Department of Justice

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