Zoom: news for the waiting room and presentations

Zoom: news for the waiting room and presentations
More news for Zoom. The platform has been enriched during this week with some new features that today the developer summarizes in a post on the official blog. Features introduced with the specific aim of improving the general quality and versatility of the service, responding to a competition that certainly does not stand by, Meet and Teams above all.

The news of the update 5.2 by Zoom

Update 5.2 brings with it a popup showing who is in the waiting room, a separate space from the panel that groups all meeting participants so that meeting administrators can manage the queue more efficiently, even if the main window is minimized.

Again, as can be seen from the image below, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations can now be shared during a meeting by making them a sort of virtual background with the image of the speaker cut out and visual in the foreground. The feature is currently in beta phase.

Add to this the sharing of images and files from SharePoint and the synchronization of their activity on Zoom in Outlook so that colleagues can know immediately if you are available or engaged in a meeting.

by Focusing attention on mobile devices, it is possible to transfer a call inside of a meeting simply by typing its URL and personal ID, or pointing to the calendar event. The same is true for the devices Zoom Rooms. Then added useful indicators to know the quality of the connection and of the signal during the audio conversations and some keyboard shortcuts. The changelog is complete with the inevitable list of bugfixes that should fix the problems encountered in the last period.

Source: Zoom

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