Edge: switch between work and personal profile

Edge: switch between work and personal profile
The adoption of large-scale smart working has led more and more people to find a new balance between working and private life in recent months. It is not always easy, especially if the two environments coincide as well as the tools and devices used to manage both aspects of one's daily life. This is one of the new features announced by Microsoft for the Edge browser.

Microsoft's new features for the Edge browser

Discussed at the Inspire 2020 event, this is a feature baptized Automatic Profile Switching which simplifies the transition between the different profiles managed by the user. Get into action when, for example, you are relaxing in front of a movie and receiving a link from a colleague or, vice versa, when during a remote work session you need to access your email inbox for personal reasons .

The transition takes place instantly, through a simple confirmation click as shown in the animation above, without therefore the obligation to enter the access credentials to the various services if they are not connected. to the active profile. The functionality is being rollout and can be controlled via the Edge settings.

Other news announced for the browser concern the Collections with the debut on Android and iOS as anticipated in late May and the possibility to associate notes with individual saved elements.

The tour is then completed with those that affect the PDF file (reading and editing simplified), translation of the pages in 54 languages around the world and availability of a public preview release of Endpoint Data Loss Protection that ensures the safety and security of the data.

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