Xbox One S, a new $ 299 SKU appears: a placeholder for Series S?

Xbox One S, a new $ 299 SKU appears: a placeholder for Series S?
Xbox One S will be available with a new $ 299 SKU: the sighting was revealed by an employee of the Target chain, but some think it may be an Xbox Series S placeholder.

The hypotheses on the table, in fact, they are many. We know for sure that Microsoft has put out of production Xbox One X and Xbox One S All Digital, keeping only Xbox One S, so there is a possibility that the company will bring in stores a new version of the same console with the much-talked-about white controller spotted days. ago.

A second hypothesis, as mentioned, is that the name that appeared in the list of the American chain is a simple placeholder aimed at disguising the Xbox Series S, given that the console has not yet been officially announced by Microsoft.

In the event that this second possibility materializes, the price of 299 dollars would be compatible with the expectations of various insiders, who speak of a less powerful machine but compatible with next-gen games and above all sold to an affordable figure.

Will Xbox Series S rumors continue to chase each other for much longer? The hope is that Microsoft will put an end to speculation by finally revealing its next "budget" console.

Possible console revision for Xbox One S? This just appeared in our system at Target @ Wario64

- Private Biscuit (@Pvt_Biscuit) August 16, 2020 Source

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