PS5, liquid metal cooling system? Check a Sony patent

PS5, liquid metal cooling system? Check a Sony patent
PS5 could mount a liquid metal cooling system, as indicated in a patent filed by Sony and popped up on the net in the past few hours.

It is not the first time that the PS5 cooling system appears in a patent from Sony, but this particular solution looks really cool. Well, how exactly does it work?

The metal in question is obviously not pumped in place of water in a liquid system, but plays the role of a heat sink in a specific area that is between the chip and radiator. In practice it replaces the thermal paste.

This type of solution would make the cooling system much more efficient, by lowering the thermal resistance between the chip and the radiator. The liquid metal would be held in place by an ultraviolet-treated resin barrier.

Has Sony actually used this type of technology? It is still early to say: unless an official announcement is made about it, we will have to wait for the first PlayStation 5 teardowns to find out.

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