Trump supports Oracle - he wants me to buy TikTok

Trump supports Oracle - he wants me to buy TikTok
Just yesterday, we told you that Oracle was probably in the running for the acquisition of part of the TikTok business, not just the US one. However, unlike Microsoft's intentions, we had no official confirmation regarding the Californian company's interest. But now there are no more doubts: it was Trump directly who expressed full support for Oracle's possible acquisition of TikTok.

Oracle, TikTok acquisition: Trump's blessing

During a The meeting which was held in the past few hours in Arizona, the president of the United States was asked for comments about the possibility that Oracle could acquire a part of the TikTok business. Trump's reaction wasn't too diplomatic either:

I think his owner is an amazing guy, an amazing person. I think Oracle would certainly be someone who could handle it.

And indeed, something to tie Larry Ellison - Oracle CEO - and the Tycoon is there: Ellison is a big supporter of the Trump administration and is now clear that the sympathy is mutual.

Meanwhile, the countdown to TikTok continues: ByteDance, the current owner of the social platform, will have to sell all its US businesses by September 15th. So, whether it's Microsoft or Oracle, someone will have to acquire the mini-video social network to avoid the ban from the USA.

Otherwise, there is always the possibility to do like Trump and sign up on Triller.

Source: GSM Arena

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