Also Twitter for the acquisition of TikTok?

Also Twitter for the acquisition of TikTok?
Not only Microsoft, but also Twitter would have tested the waters by starting a discussion with the Chinese ByteDance to reach an eventual agreement on TikTok. It is the rumor reported over the weekend by the Wall Street Journal. It is not clear whether the purpose of the social network controlled by Jack Dorsey is to arrive at an acquisition, perhaps only of the business in the United States, or a partnership of another type.

TikTok: check Twitter's name too

There are many unknowns surrounding the future of the app, especially considering the risk of a ban in the United States: if it does not pass into the hands of an American company by mid-September, the hypothesis of a notice. The source of the indiscretion does not speak of figures or of the probabilities that the deal will go through, in any case it will serve from 10 to 30 billion dollars as estimated by analysts.

Twitter does not have availability on his side economic of Microsoft, but has been operating for longer in the territory of social networks and considering how its range of action is less extensive it could face fewer obstacles from an antitrust point of view. Indeed, it would strengthen its role as an antagonist of Facebook, which today controls much of the market, a prospect that could be frowned upon by overseas authorities.

A hypothesis is not to be ruled out is that in the case of an acquisition, the u.s. company that will sign will extend the hands on business of TikTok at the global level, but only in limited territories. In the case of Microsoft it is spoken in official way of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. One scenario that Donald Trump , the absolute protagonist of the debate on the subject in the last week, would prefer to avoid in favour of a handover of the whole package.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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