Microsoft will pay 10 to 30 billion for TikTok

Microsoft will pay 10 to 30 billion for TikTok
The economic value of Microsoft's acquisition of TikTok could range from $ 10 to $ 30 billion. It's the new rumor reported overseas by CNBC. A far lower figure than the 50 billion hypothesized just a few days ago, however much higher compared to the billion paid just a couple of years ago by ByteDance to buy before renaming it.

TikTok acquisition: 10 to 30 billion

Although CEO Zhang Yiming said only yesterday that a final decision has not yet been made, part of the analysts is now almost certain to shake hands. If it arrives, it will be by September 15, also due to the pressure exerted by Trump that would otherwise threaten the ban on the application from the US territory.

If the outcome is positive, the Redmond group will work to move within a year within the American borders every management aspect of the platform now located in China. For obvious reasons, Azure's cloud infrastructure would play a central role in this.

In the past few days, rumors have emerged about the interest of other realities in the US hi-tech world: Apple, Google and Facebook . Hypotheses for now to be labeled as not supported by any official voice, while Microsoft has exposed itself directly over the weekend by explicitly talking about an ongoing negotiation and an interview on the topic that saw CEO Satya Nadella and Donald Trump interact.

will Not be in any way a simple acquisition . TikTok and the parent company ByteDance, a bit like what happened to Huawei in the last year and a half, are likely to find themselves in the cross-fire of the United States and China for reasons that go beyond the aspects of technology coming to affect the scope of diplomatic relations at the international level.

Source: CNBC

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