Stranger Things: who is the Demogorgon really?

Stranger Things: who is the Demogorgon really?
Stranger Things is definitely one of the most loved TV series ever. The original Netflix show from the first frames of the first season has conquered a huge slice of audiences all over the world and its fame has not changed in the span of three seasons. Thanks to the enormous popularity of the series that made it enter directly into the Olympus of the TV shows, a lot of more or less imaginative theories about the real plot of the story go crazy on the web.

A last fan theory reveals the true identity of the Demogorgon (you can read the source on Reddit at this link), and it is supposed to be a character that we know very well and that we have learned to love throughout the seasons of the series still in development. The bold theory was posted by a fan on the famous Reddit site and appears to have come out after a careful rewatch of the series. According to this strange theory, the Demogorgon is nothing but a deformed vision of Will Byers corrupted by the Mind Flayer to assist him for world domination.

The theory is based on the notion that the Upside Down is not just a parallel dimension but, above all, a parallel universe and, if so, the events between the two universes could take place at different times but in the same place. The Upside Down, therefore, could be the parallel version of Hawkins a few years in the future. If so, then, the Demogorgon would be Will of the future who underwent the complete metamorphosis.

Will Byers The theory is explained by the fact that the Mind Flayer wants to terraform Hawkins, and as a result, the rest of the world to create an ideal place in which to live and proliferate. The fearsome being, then they would use the Will for its connection with the Eleven that could be the key to open the different gates in different parts of the two parallel universes, in such a way that the Mind Flayer will be able to repeat his ritual of proliferation and the conquest of the earth to infinity.

The user of Reddit then went on to say that it is quite clear who Will become the Demogorgon because, first, this would explain the reason why he kidnapped the boy for the first time, although it is not the same as bleeding. As you will recall the majority of the victims of the Demogorgon , as a Barb for example, or have attirat or because you were bleeding .

Joyce Byers In the second place, then, it seems that Will has been abducted consciously, his capture seems to be scheduled and, above all, motivated, not the result of chaos, as in the other attacks. In the last instance, Will not been killed like the others but was kept alive and was also allowed to escape from the Upside down.

Another fact that seems to corroborate this thesis is that the home of the Byers is the place a favorite hunting from Demogorgon , it creeps on the walls and ago constantly feel his presence. This is probably a confirmation that the Demogorgon is Will in the future because, if the purpose of the monster was to take the Eleven, his ground game would have to be Mike's house, where the girl is hidden for most of the first season.

In the second season continue, then add tests that seem to confirm the thesis of Reddit. Will will begin to speak of her visions in terms of memories, so something that has lived, and that is remembering. This would explain why everything looks very familiar to Will, even if very distant, both physically and emotionally, this is because the metamorphosis has not yet occurred.

Always in the second season; Will says that the Mind Flayers do not want to kill him . This is a statement not of little account, and to keep definitely in mind, because the Mind Flayer wants to kill everything , but if you do not want to kill Will, he must have another plan for him. Remember, however, that at the end of the second season, Will has been “exorcised” and it may be that the that time plan and according to that intersection of data does not become more of a Demogorgon .

In the third season, the Mind Flayer then he will change the cards on the table, shifting his attention from Will to Billy , a prey certainly more vulnerable because it has no supports positive family, his propensity to aggression and, above all, knows nothing of the fantasy or science fiction. Of course, the theory admits that there are some gaps in the theory, but in the tv show Stranger Things it seems that the Demogorgon is the corrupted version of something that is located in or around Hawkins.

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