Logitech still having difficulty meeting webcam demand

Logitech still having difficulty meeting webcam demand
Apparently the current situation, which sees more and more people working or studying from home, has led to a dizzying growth in demand for webcams that the market was not ready for. Logitech, the world's largest webcam maker, said last April that supplies would return to normal by May, but it's still difficult to find one of the company's webcams, especially the famous C920 series, at prices close to pre-pandemic ones.

Perhaps due to Logitech's shortage, we have seen new competitors make their way into stores almost every day. However, the Swiss company's webcam demand remains high and the company said it is trying to keep up with the demand, but unfortunately it is unable to determine when it will be possible to return to a normal situation. Even the big American chains were confident that Logitech webcams would be available again soon, presumably in June.

However, as the pandemic continues and more and more American states are abandoning the reopening procedures, the demand for webcams remains rather high, while the offer remains rather limited as during the first lockdown days, with Logitech products sold out or present in small quantities in most stores.

During the company's recent quarterly report, Logitech President and CEO Brecken P. Darrel told investors:

PC webcams continue to be in high demand, posting sales in the first three months of this year of over twice the best quarter in the past decade. We are increasing our production capacity to be able to satisfy the demand and overcome the shortage of components. We expect supply to improve in the second quarter, but it could still remain rather limited throughout the period.

apparently, you will need to wait a bit before that Logitech webcams are available again, maybe even until the next fiscal quarter. A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the Logitech with respect to a collaboration with Harman Miller for the construction of the luxurious chair gaming Embody .

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