Chrome: password check coming to Android

Chrome: password check coming to Android
The Android version of Google Chrome will soon integrate the powerful “Password Checkup” tool, which will check in real time whether a password is secure or too simple or - even - compromised. For the moment, the novelty has been integrated in the Canary version of the application, that is the one that allows you to have early access, by testing them, to new features.

Chrome for Android: more secure passwords The useful feature allows you to have full control over the passwords stored in the keychain of our Google account: having it also available on smartphones and tablets is certainly an interesting opportunity. At any time, it will be possible to perform manual scans, which will be completed in real time.

The "Password Checkup" tool was initially made available on Chrome in the desktop version, through an extension. At the end of last year it was instead integrated into the software, making the use of the extension useless, which in fact will be withdrawn from the end of August.

Now, however, it seems the time has come to release the functionality even on mobile devices with the Android operating system on board. Once the testing period is over, we believe it won't be long before the implementation of the password check tool is ready for one of the next stable releases of Google Chrome for Android: it is thought to be 86.

Source: Tech Dows

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