TikTok: what if Oracle acquired it?

TikTok: what if Oracle acquired it?
Oracle may have set their sights on TikTok. Time is running out: Within 90 days, ByteDance - owner of the popular mini clip platform - will have to close all its US business. It's a Trump order. To avoid that the mini video social network ends up being banned by the US, the only possibility is that which involves the sale of the American business part. The company, an expert in solutions for enterprise users, may be interested in acquiring TikTok as much as Microsoft.

TikTok interests Oracle

Considering the nature of Oracle's business, its investment interest is generally not expected to focus on a social network like TikTok. Evidently, however, the acquisition of part of the platform business could bring certain advantages to the company, especially considering how high the outlay necessary for the investment could be.

Specifically, although there is still no confirmation official, according to the CNBC report, Oracle would be interested in acquiring TikTok's assets in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, the company would not be alone: ​​the operation could be carried out in concert with at least two other investors, namely General Atlantic and Sequoia Capital.

Together with Microsoft, these would be the two largest companies that have shown interest towards the mini video platform. Meanwhile, Trump has created his verified account on Triller, TikTok's direct rival.

Source: CNBC

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