Trump now has an account on Triller, the anti-TikTok

Trump now has an account on Triller, the anti-TikTok
Donald Trump has a verified account on Triller and that's no small feat, considering the context. Evidently a president, especially a president from the United States, is bound to set a good example (at least according to his point of view) in every situation. Landing on a platform, which is a direct rival of TikTok, was therefore the minimum to do to further emphasize the need to get rid of the Chinese social media of mini videos and - above all - of the company that owns it, ByteDance.

Trump on Triller: “no one can do it like me”

The timing is perfect for at least two reasons. The first is clearly the issue linked to the ban risk of TikTok, considered a dangerous malware, by the United States. The second is related to the electoral campaign: what better way to reach a larger slice of the population than on a mini video social network? This is precisely Triller. A platform that is anything but new: it was launched in 2015, but has not had the same popularity as TikTok. The target is also different: subscribers fall into a higher age group than those of their Chinese rival.

document.createElement ('video'); The President has already published the first clips, clearly with an electoral background. The first ever, however, is more particular than the others because, with the grace and elegance of the lights of a fast food sign that lights up the night, it invites users to follow Trump's official account, but not only: users must first choose to subscribe to the platform, preferring it to the rival. In the video, the phrase “nobody knows how to do it like me” is constantly repeated, as if it were a slogan.

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