PS5: Expected to sell twice as much as Xbox Series X

PS5: Expected to sell twice as much as Xbox Series X
Research firm DFC Intelligence - which provides market research reports for the global gaming and digital entertainment industry - shared an updated forecast on next-generation console sales, focusing specifically on competition between the Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X. Well, according to forecasts until 2024, Sony's next console should even sell twice as much as its competitor, significantly exceeding the sales of the Xbox Series X.

Considering the success of the PS4, which currently has sold 112 millions of consoles in the world, it is not difficult to imagine the plausibility of this result. However, it is necessary to clarify that when we talk about next-gen consoles, rather than mere rivalry between consoles, we need to pay particular attention to the different strategies that Sony and Microsoft are pursuing. And with that in mind, if the prospects see PS5 ahead early on, Microsoft could be winning over the long term.

Microsoft is doing its best with Xbox Series X, yet Sony is a tough opponent to overcome, as it is very well established globally in the distribution of consumer electronics, while Microsoft is stronger in English-speaking countries. Xbox, in fact, has failed to establish itself as much as Sony's PlayStation in Japan and has also proved weaker in much of Europe, despite the progress made in the last 20 years.

However, for Microsoft, this provision does not convert necessarily a sentence. The key that opens the door to new possibilities is the Game Pass , winning service as unconstrained as compared to the Xbox console, giving freedom of access to the users PC and cloud gaming. The panorama that you can admire, therefore, sees the tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung still largely on the margins of the market of the gaming industry, with Nintendo, which is advancing brilliantly in his path, despite the imminent arrival of the next console. Let us not forget, however, that is of fundamental importance on the speculation about sales of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it is important to know the price soon to launch – information that, together with the official date, still not been revealed.

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