TikTok: Twitter also interested in the purchase, but Microsoft remains ahead

TikTok: Twitter also interested in the purchase, but Microsoft remains ahead
Even Twitter seems to be interested in the purchase of TikTok: the news is of these hours, and the anticipation came from the Wall Street Journal. This enriches an already complex context for the ByteDance app, whose future is already on a razor's edge.

President Trump has signed the necessary executive orders: the ban on TikTok in the United States it is official, there are 45 days left before it actually takes effect. Microsoft has come forward, openly declaring that it is interested in purchasing the app on American territory. And now Twitter also takes over, which would have shown a new interest in entering the ongoing negotiations; let's talk conditionally in the absence of official press releases.

Microsoft would, however, remain ahead at the moment, especially from an economic point of view: the company can afford to spend much more money on the purchase of TikTok, moreover it would have time enough to organize itself in 45 days, thanks also to the evident support from the president of the United States.

Another Twitter problem is linked to shareholders, who may not overly rejoice in the possible acquisition of a social network that is already "compromised" worldwide. Indeed, the accusations of recent months are weighing on TikTok, the threat to national security that has already led to the ban in India, Hong Kong and the United States.

The fight between Twitter and Microsoft in the acquisition of TikTok already seems from now you learn; and yet TikTok itself has stated that it will take the US government to court. The question is far from resolving: we will continue to keep you updated.


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