The fig leaf on Apple's 1984 (and Google)

The fig leaf on Apple's 1984 (and Google)
And so the circle closes, more than three and a half decades after 1984, which a year like any other has never been. It was not so in Orwell's head when he imagined it as a distant and ideal time to describe a dystopian scenario and it was not even once it arrived, at least as regards the technological field, chosen by Apple to bring that first Macintosh to the market. its way capable of influencing and directing the evolution of the concept of personal computer.

Not a product like any other, so much so that to push it the company chose the Super Bowl and a commercial, which has rightfully entered history, directed by a certain Ridley Scott. One who, just to understand, had recently brought Blade Runner to the big screen.

Epic vs Apple: Fortnite is the tip of the iceberg

Today that spot it takes on the appearance of a metaphorical boomerang that, thrown away 36 years ago, goes straight back to hit Cupertino. It does so with an unreleased version packaged by Epic Games, one of the most lively and profitable software houses in the gaming market as well as responsible for Unreal technology. It matters little if for reasons linked only apparently to a videogame title, Fortnite: the clip, entitled "Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite", focuses on an issue that has already ended up under the magnifying glass of the European Commission, among other things. antitrust nature even before being linked to the world ofa> video games.

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