The best games with cats and felines

The best games with cats and felines
There are animal lovers, cat lovers and then there are cat lovers who surround themselves with feline gadgets of all kinds. From sweatshirts with ears to plugs for the sink with photos of cats printed on them, there are thousands of products that are tinged with cat themes and the wide sphere of the playful world is certainly not exempt from this kind of influence. If you wallow in the basin of cat-lovers you cannot absolutely miss the games with cats that we present in this list, otherwise you still desist from running away and give these games a chance, many are interesting well beyond simple fetishism for the purr.

Exploding Kittens

You cannot draw up a list of feline titles without naming Exploding Kittens, not so much because it is an excellent and unattainable game, but because it is the best known and explosive (in many senses) of the entire category. Initially launched on Kickstarter, the title has become a real pop phenomenon thanks to its nice illustrations, a particularly light regulation and the low cost with which it is found in stores. In turn, all participants must draw a card from the deck, praying not to run into the "exploding kitten" that will claim their life. It is a card game designed for 2-5 players which, thanks to a very limited strategic component, everyone can play, including children. If you want to know more about this demented descendant of Russian roulette, you can learn more by reading our review.

>> Exploding Kittens is available for online purchase

Cat Crazy

Staying in the branch of the easy accessibility and low cost, here you are Cat Crazy , a puzzle game that is minimalist from playing solo . A large deck of cards is a series of figures from the ever-increasing complexity, the player then has the task of stacking and fit the colored sculptures of the feline are present in the package in such a way that they meet the requirements and the geometric of the various puzzle extracts. Cat Crazy offers a perfect experience for those who love games of reasoning or for those who want to undergo challenges that require lateral thinking. The design of the components of the game is also decidedly atypical and memorable, colorful, and lively. Specific details on the game system you will find them by browsing our review .

>> Cat Crazy is available for purchase online

The Isle of Cats

Cat Crazy is not the only title in this list to transform the faithful felines in the pieces of Tetris : it enters the scene The Isle of Cats , a game published by The City Of Games completely focused on filling a caravel with treasures and cats . Available for 1-4 players, the title encourages the participants to arrange an escape by sea from the island of Squall''s End, transforming the square footage of the ship in a grid in which to carry out a fierce battle positioning. The Isle of Cats has a considerable depth of the game and the rules more complex and diverse, at the same time the designers have graced the entire experience with an optional, so that it can be utilised also to younger users. This unexpected title marine is able to take on the competition both for the quality games that for the exquisite aesthetic that accompanies it, the only “defect” is not yet been published in Italy, is available in English only.

>> The Isle of Cats is available for purchase online


As we have seen in the previous examples, the felines are known for their skill in the compaction in narrow spaces, but they are equally known to be territorial and a bit overbearing. Neko-In , title Italian inspired aesthetic, the japanese, playing on the idea that a cat might want to “evict” from his dwelling place all his fellows, eroding every hiding place, until the entire domain of the building. The product wants to achieve explicitly a public that, paradoxically, is often left out-of-range: the infant. Neko-In aims to entertain 3-6 children at a time, and it does this by providing a set of components from the immediate design and pastel colours, as well as structuring itself on a game system that, at least in part, stimulates a slingshot physically on the game board.

>> Neko-In is available for purchase online

The Lure of Gatthulhu

As the name suggests, same senate impeded already from the title, The Call of Gatthulhu hybrid themes and aesthetic of the well-known " The Call of Chtulhu to adventures in scale feline. The result is a role-playing game atypical and of immediate accessibility when normal cats, far from the eyes of their masters, to defend the Earth from the dark machinations of the Great Old cultists who want to make them awaken. Why should they be the cats save the planet? Simple, the Earth and the inhabitants that populate it are the source of all comfort of the feline and the cats are not willing to rinunciarvici. The Call of Gatthulhu is a title for die-hard fans of cats – so much so that the GM is defined as your “Gattaro” - but his premise is so unbelievable to be able to intrigue even the most skeptical.

>> The Call of Gatthulhu is available for purchase online

Cat Lady

More on cats, the Cat Lady is a card game for 2-4 players fully focused on gattari . Each participant must raise a colony cat, taking care not to exceed their means, or not to be in a position of not being able to feed or entertain his feline companions. No one wants a colony of sickly or intent to destroy house, so it is essential to know how to manage your resources, and do not exceed with the passion for purr. The Cat Lady is available only in English, but it is extremely accessible, thanks to light rules and cards are easy to interpret.

>> Cat Lady is available for purchase online


How is Neko-In , even Goryo is the Italian title is inspired by the aesthetic of the japanese, but Goryo is designed for an audience from 10 years of age and can enjoy the aesthetic choices and narrative that makes it absolutely worthy of mention. Designed by Andrea Candiani and published by GateOnGames, the game immerses you in a world of medieval japan in which a shogun exiles a beautiful courtesan because envious of his popularity. Defunct, this takes the form of a feline spirit and in order to avenge his lord decides to destroy the riches in the royal palace. Goryo pushes two players up to, respectively, the role of the spectrum and of the guards of the palace, promoting the swift-account of the investigation and misdirection.

>> Goryo is available for purchase online

The Cat

do Not exist games with cats more redundant and excessive to The Cat , title published in Italy by Editrice Giochi. There is in fact nothing of this party game requires the theme feline, it's more of a - like Pictionary in which the participants have to draw on your slate useful clues to guess the “mystery words” that are extracted at random from a deck of cards. The variant with the most significant of the title consists in the fact that in the illustrations it will be necessary to integrate one or more of the illustrations of the cats present in the package. If that were not enough, The Cat is even more over the top thanks to a packaging from which protrude wisps of hair. We mention this product, not so much as the game itself, as as bizarre knick-knack with which to embarrass their guests.

>> The Cat is available for purchase online

Cat: A Little Game About Little Heroes

Incredible, but true: John Wick , the author best known for having invented the 7th Sea and Legend of The 5 Rings , published in 2004, a role-playing game devoted entirely to cats. It is a simple text and with illustrations free to use, extremely low-budget, but still made strong by the creativity of the navigatissimo game designer. The system of the game is immediately easy to digest and hybrid the launch of the dice to a strong component of the narrative where players can earn additional casts should apply with wit talents and experiences of the character played. There is obviously a tinge of mysticism, with the cats that have nine lives and have mastered the ability to march into the lands of dreams. Unfortunately, the title has never reached our shores, and, indeed, it is difficult to find even abroad.

>> Cat: A Little Game About Little Heroes is available for purchase online

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