Cuphead is available on PS4, here is the launch trailer

Cuphead is available on PS4, here is the launch trailer
Studio MDHR announced the arrival of Cuphead on PS4 with a trailer. The game is available on the PlayStation Store starting today. Recall that the beautiful 2D platformer / shooter is already available on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

With a surprise move the very stylish and very difficult Cuphead, a 2D shooter with platform elements and graphics inspired by cartoons from the beginning of the last century arrived on PlayStation 4. The game was briefly "leaked" this morning, but now confirmation arrives through a long post by Chad Moldenhauer, co-director of Studio MDHR on the PlayStation Blog.

"Hi, I'm Chad from Studio MDHR and I'm excited to announce that Cuphead is coming to PlayStation 4! And there is no waiting before I touch it, because the game is available today. Many of us are grown up exploring the worlds of classic PlayStation titles, from Resident Evil to Vandal Hearts. For this, it is surreal to think of the players who venture into Cuphead today with a PlayStation controller in hand. " With these words, the studio announces the arrival of the game on the PS Store.

In the meantime, fans of Cuphead are waiting for news from Netflix on the animated series, while from the studio news of the expansion The Delicious Last Course.

Will you buy it?

ORIGINAL NEWS - Cuphead seems to be arriving on PS4, given that the game icon has appeared in the past hours on the PS Store of the United Kingdom and Australia, staying for a few time before being removed from Sony, but not before someone still managed to make the mandatory screenshots to be released online.

It therefore seems that Cuphead is actually arriving on PS4, after its release a few years ago on Xbox One and the next launch on PC and Nintendo Switch. There are no official announcements yet but the testimonials are now so many that they cannot be a frame or a mistake.

The question has been re-launched and also by Geoff Keighley , who remembers an appointment with his Summer Game Fest for today, 28 July, 17:00-Italian called "Indie Studio Update", something that makes one clearly think about this subject on the part of the journalist, and probably the confirmation of the launch of Cuphead on the PS4.

All of this made also think of the possible arrival in the contemporary of the long-awaited DLC announced for years now, but still not come to fruition, or The Delicious Last Course , but the evidence in this sense are much less convincing, and probably the release of the game is only intended for the standard version, even if information on the expansion could still be coming in.

Remember that Cuphead is an indie game that was self-published by Studio MDHR on the various platforms on which he arrived, therefore the IP is totally independent, even if the bond for the initial Xbox, is and was a very solid, probably thanks to a certain media obtained from Microsoft in the course of development, which, however, has not prevented the opening of the brand to other platforms, from PC to Nintendo Switch and now the PS4, evidently.

the success of The shooter, given its particular fast-paced and demanding, and by its wonderful appearance chart, drawn by hand, it has also led to a TV series that will soon be launched on Netflix with The Cuphead Show, which was shown last month a few seconds of the long-awaited cartoon .

Cuphead may be coming to the PS4, it's appearing on international PSN stores right now but the game listing doesn't load yet

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