The Cuphead Show: Netflix shows a few seconds of the awaited cartoon

The Cuphead Show: Netflix shows a few seconds of the awaited cartoon
Netflix showed on Twitter a few seconds of the TV series The Cuphead Show. For the uninitiated, this is the eagerly awaited cartoon dedicated to the extremely difficult, yet stylish videogame by Studio MDHR.

The Cuphead Show was announced last summer and since then, little has been leaked about this show. In this short teaser we can see the cartoon in action for the first time so as to see the similarities with the style and the themes of the game.

For those unfamiliar with the original material we recommend reading the Cuphead review, the others will immediately appreciate the return of Cuphead and Mugman, as well as their voice actors, Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro.

As is easy to understand by looking at the images, Cuphead is inspired by the Fleischer cartoons of the early years of the last century . For this reason executive producer CJ Kettler says that "reimagining the Fleischer style with these two incredibly similar characters will be a fairly new thing." According to the artistic director Andrea Fernandez the show "will bring you back to the wonder of childhood". Provided you are 100 years old, we would say.

The images are still very promising, too bad there is still no official launch date. What do you think? Anxiously waiting for him? Take an inside peek at the intricate, nostalgic design of The Cuphead Show!

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