The Call of Cthulhu: success is renewed at the ENnie Awards

The Call of Cthulhu: success is renewed at the ENnie Awards
Since its release in 2016, the seventh edition of Il Richiamo di Cthulhu (of which you can read our review), the most famous horror role-playing game in the world published by Chaosium Inc. and published in Italy by Raven Distribution, and its multiple manuals expansion have won numerous awards and this year is no exception.

There are in fact four awards that three products linked to the brand of Il Calliamo di Cthulhu took home at the ENnie Awards 2020 which were held a couple of days ago during this year's special online edition of Gen Con.

As those who follow us will already know, the 2020 edition of Gen Con, the largest board and role-playing convention of North America which is held annually in Indianapolis, could not be kept in the usual formula due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But in order not to leave fans dry-mouthed and to allow the analog game sector not to miss an important opportunity to announce product launches and releases, the organizers of the fair have prepared the digital version of the convention: Gen Con Online.

Obviously, during the event, the usual assignment of the ENnie Awards could not be missing, the annual ceremony, born in 2001, which awards the prestigious prizes to role-playing games and their publishers as voted by fans and by a jury of Sectors of the sector, democratically elected.

The Call of Cthulhu: the prizes won

As we displayed at the beginning of the article, this year three products related to the role-playing game of The Call of Cthulhu they won four prizes. Let's see them together.

Berlin, the Wicked City

Best Art - Cover (GOLD) Best Setting (GOLD)

Published in Italian by Raven Distribution, with the title of Berlin, the City of Sin , this manual is a supplement with a setting for the role-playing game de The Call of Cthulhu, which presents the Berlin of the twenties and provides all the information necessary to set a campaign in this setting, such as, for example, important people, key places, details about the crimes, the criminal world of the city and its great culture.

Berlin, The Sin City also offers three different adventures which are to follow the history of the city from the end of the First World War until the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, by proposing time and time again horror atmospheres, different. The three scenarios can be played independently, or in a continuous manner to give life to a campaign.

due To the nature of the topics covered within this manual, including drugs and sex, is recommended reading for an adult audience .

Berlin, the city of sin is available for purchase online .

Refractions of Glasston

Judge's Spotlight Award , the prize awarded directly by the judges.

A year ago, in a creative collaboration with Chaosium , the students of the Writing course professional of the Taylor University have created and published a scenario for the role-playing game de The Call of Cthulhu as part of their studies. The results published in of the creative collaboration, the scenario Refractions of Glasston , has received recognition with an award Spotlight of the judges in the ENnie Awards 2020.

Refractions of Glasston was published in The Miskatonic Repository , the content platform of the community of Chaosium for Call of Cthulhu on DriveThruRPG in December 2019 . The scenario takes place in a rural town in north-west Indiana near Taylor University itself), in the twenties, and is based on local legends, the existing of supernatural events.

Refractions of Glasston is available for purchase online .

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, 2nd Edition

Best Electronic Book (GOLD)

Published by Stygian Fox Publishing on license from Chaosium, New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley is a form of adventures, all set along the banks of the river Miskatonic, and in the famous places lovecraftiani that passes through it, such as Arkham, Dunwich, Kingsport and Innsmouth.

This second edition updates to the seventh edition of The Call of Cthulhu the adventures already present in the previous edition and adds a completely new one .

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley is available for purchase online . You want to take the plunge headlong between the Cthulhu mythos and put to the test your sanity? The role-playing game de The Call of Cthulhu is for you! Try the introduction Set to start moving their first steps, or throw directly on the basic Manual and the Manual of the investigator !

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