The 20 best independent video games

The 20 best independent video games
The independent market experienced a real renaissance during the eighth generation of consoles. Once the golden age of the great blockbusters, the undisputed protagonist of the zero years, some developers have begun to test the waters of the industry in an attempt to compete with the greats, putting on the plate an unprecedented offer, devoted to research and innovation. In short, the so-called indie developers have begun to grapple with all the facets of the medium that escaped the eye of traditional AAA production, pushing the accelerator on several often overlooked components in favor of technical improvement. But what are the best video games to emerge from the undergrowth of independent development? Here is our personal ranking.

20. Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is the title that has consecrated the ambitious publishing vision of Devolver Digital, in this case determined to finance the crazy work of Dennaton Games. It is no coincidence that Devolver fell in love with the project: Hotline Miami is a real psychedelic trip that involves all the senses, shooting a high-level soundtrack in the player's ears and then turning him into a psychopathic hitman who terrorizes the streets of the Florida.

In short, this is the typical video game that would cause a heart attack to any politician who never misses an opportunity to attack the medium, a whirlwind of violence and shootings that mixes with a David Lynch atmosphere. The boundary between reality and fantasy becomes gradually more subtle, while the protagonist's schizophrenia takes over the supporting actors, outlining a grotesque, funny and psychotic adventure.

19. Rocket League

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