Google wants to compete with Pinterest

Google wants to compete with Pinterest
Big G is thrown back into the social challenge with Keen, which has a mechanism similar to Pinterest. We'll see if with more luck than Google+ Keen is Google's new social network focused on passions (photo: Keen) Google retries the road, unfortunate in the past, of social networks, launching a product developed by the Area 120 team . It's called Keen and it is a platform able, thanks to the machine learning skills, to aggregate contents based on a user's personal interests.

This new social network, born from the incubator of new experimental projects of Mountain View, is a cross between Pinterest and Google+ as the idea behind Keen, the power of common interests that manages to unite the various communities, has been materialized in a less rigid way than in the circles of G +.

Available as an application for Android and on the web, Keen was developed in collaboration with the People and Ai Research division of Mountain View. According to The Verge, Cj Adams, the co-founder of Keen, called his creature "an alternative to brainless browsing of online feeds" by pulling a small arrow to the never-named, but blatant, future rival Pinterest.

How does Keen work?

The functioning of Keen is reminiscent of Pinterest. After logging in through your Google account, the user can create collections (called keens) focused on their passions, by inserting all the contents found on the network to share with the followers. The artificial intelligence of the platform will be based on data from images, videos, articles or links to identify the most relevant content to suggest to subscribers.

we'll See if Keen will have more luck on Google+ . In October of 2018 Mountain View has dropped the curtain on its social platform , that has never had a real grip on the users. Hit by a security problem in the last period, in reality Google + never took off, despite a wide user base, pushing finally, the management of Big G to its closure.

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