Marvel's Avengers: Beta includes a secret mission

Marvel's Avengers: Beta includes a secret mission
The Marvel's Avengers beta is now available for all PlayStation 4 players who have pre-ordered the game and already stands out for its vastness. In this first weekend, PS4 owners who have a code will be able to test it. In the second weekend, those who have pre-ordered on Steam and Xbox One will be added, while from the third weekend all users will be able to try the beta. Specifically, it offers the possibility of playing an initial part of the story in single player mode, includes numerous multiplayer missions and allows players to choose between four different Avengers. In addition to this, there is also an intriguing secret mission. The latter is a War Zone set in the Snowy Tundra area of ​​Siberia, which can be visited in the playable part of the story available with the beta, when you play as Kamala Khan and the Incredible Hulk.

The the goal of this mission is to find a secret SHIELD bunker. But readers are warned that, after completing it, this area will no longer be accessible on the map and among the selectable missions. You can only return for a War Zone mission and when you return to the Tundra, you will need to search and explore a huge secret vault on SHIELD, filled with high-powered equipment and resources. To open it you will need to solve a puzzle while defending yourself from enemies. If you'd rather find out for yourself how to proceed, you've probably already stopped reading here. If not, in the next few lines, we'll tell you more about this secret mission on the Marvel's Avengers beta.

The cash secret SHIELD in question is located in the mission Stark Realities, and is well hidden under the ground. To find it you will need to use the locator signal, already used in the mission in Siberia. At this point, you can head to the left, toward the counter of the indicated position. If you encounter a wall, continue to move toward the left, away from the mission. When you reach a precipice, your detector will begin to emit sounds. Continuing on, you will find a treasure chest that will give you the coordinates of the Vault . At that point, you can exit from the mission.

going Back to the War Table, you will see a new area on the map. By selecting it, you will be in Siberia and you'll have to re-use the locator signal to find the Vault. Explore well the area , because once you have completed the vault, you will be transported back to the Quinjet. Also, you will encounter hordes of enemies and various points of control to conquer and defend in order to pass through security. In the room there are five console to conquer , each symbolized by a number. To open the security gates, you will receive a code, you then have to enable the console in order. You will have 45 seconds to reach each console. At this point, you'll have to go back to the doors of the Vault to open it, but it is also necessary to defend the position. You will have to enter three different codes, but every time you complete one you get a checkpoint . Once you open the doors of the Vault, you will discover a beautiful booty on the inside . This is just a taste of Marvel's Avengers and who knows how many secrets it hides the full version.

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