Samurai Shodown: a third season pass announced by SNK

Samurai Shodown: a third season pass announced by SNK
Available since June 25, 2019, Samurai Shodown has established itself and continues to exist. Obviously satisfied with the results of the title over time, SNK will continue to enrich the experience.

This will notably involve the imminent but undated arrival of a third season pass. At the moment, we know absolutely nothing about this new pass, since neither the number of characters nor the price of the pass are known. However, the first two season passes were sold for € 19.99, and we can imagine that the next one remains at this price, knowing that it is possible to buy individually the fighters that we want for 5 , € 99. While waiting to learn more about this third pass, note that on August 5, players will be able to recover Gongsun Li for free, from the Honor of Kings mobile title.

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