Revolut connects the accounts of other banks with Open Banking

Revolut connects the accounts of other banks with Open Banking
Revolut once again revolutionizes the world of home banking, or better yet, smart solutions that put a series of possibilities related to small and medium financial management in the palm of your hand. If you thought that the English company had stopped offering a completely free account with multiple functions, know that it now also allows you to connect the current accounts of other banks, so as to have centralized control of all your financial resources with one app thanks to Open Banking.

Therefore, having to consult many and different apps to keep track of transactions is a distant memory thanks to Revolut's Open Banking: the latest Revolut update allows over 400,000 retail and business customers of Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit , Ubi Banca, Banco Bpm and Poste Italiane to be able to consult their movements on Revolut, thanks to an agreement signed between Revolut and TrueLayer.

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As stated from the company, releasing the new update, customers will be able to access information relating to their bank account such as data, balance and transaction history through the Revolut app and without having to consult the proprietary apps of the various current accounts. This has been possible thanks to the partnership with TrueLayer, the main European supplier of financial APIs, which will take care of integrating the account information of the main banks in total security.

The new Open Banking function, free for all customers , in the future it will expand with other functions, such as the possibility of recharging one's Revolut account using connected banks or the inclusion of foreign banks.

How to start to use Open Banking?

To start taking advantage of the Open Banking, it is necessary to give consent to Revolut and have carried out at least once, the access to the web app of your bank to integrate data in Revolut. The company states that Revolut will never have access to the credentials of the customer and the operation is carried out in total safety.

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