PS5 and Xbox Series X: where is the next-gen?

PS5 and Xbox Series X: where is the next-gen?
When PlayStation arrived in Italy in 1995, one of the launch titles of the then next-gen was Battle Arena Toshinden which obtained the first (and controversial) out-of-scale rating ever seen in an Italian specialized magazine, namely 105/100.

Honestly, the title of Tamsoft would have been surpassed in a few months both for graphics and gameplay and, honestly, with today's eyes it was not that great but at the time an out-of-scale judgment was more than acceptable : the graphics were something never seen on a home console and was a clear example of how disruptive the arrival of the Sony console was.

A next-gen that does not surprise (for now)

25 years later, on the threshold of the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X, it is difficult for us to answer the question of which title shown so far could be assigned a 105. Also because of what at the time were called killer applications (games that justified the purchase of the console), we have not really seen yet and some of the few launch titles have also been postponed . Nor have particular performances been seen in terms of graphics.

In partial defense we must admit that with the advancement of technology, the generational gap under the graphic aspect has become increasingly reduced. The aforementioned case of PlayStation was a more unique than rare example and the transition from 2D to three-dimensional graphics had an epochal significance that we will hardly see repeated. With this in mind, surprising and convincing players to move to the next generation should historically be a task of first party titles but we are far from having had a real anticipation of the new generation.

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