Horizon Zero Dawn PC: new patch, here are what problems it solves

Horizon Zero Dawn PC: new patch, here are what problems it solves
Horizon Zero Dawn has arrived a couple of weeks ago on PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Guerrilla Games' game has hit more than 10 million players on PlayStation 4 and, in the hopes of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is set to do well on computers as well. Unfortunately, this new version suffers from some problems. Now, the new patch, number 1.02, is available: here's what problems it solves.

Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) will be the second PS4 exclusive to arrive on PC. First of all, Guerrilla Games explains that the corrective update fixes various crashes, especially those at startup. Furthermore, the synchronization problem of some facial animations at refresh rates above 30 Hz should have been eliminated. Patch 1.02 also aims to improve game performance: during autosaves (for example when completing a part of a quest) there should be no more fluidity problems.

Obviously the patch only fixes a part of the problems present in Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. The team points out that there are still some unresolved bugs, so they will continue to investigate and fix bugs. Guerrilla thanks the players for their patience and feedback and informs us that there is a new reporting system to report crash issues.

If you have encountered other problems, you can reach the official website and leave the your report, following the indications of Guerrilla Games.

As mentioned, this is only a starting point: the fact that in about ten days two patches have been released, however, bodes well for the future of the game. Horizon Zero Dawn on PC wants and must be the standard bearer of Sony's console world in “foreign territory”, so we are confident that the team will do everything possible to solve any problem.

Tell us, you have already started playing to Horizon Zero Dawn?

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