Horizon Zero Dawn: the video comparison between the PC and PS4 Pro versions

Horizon Zero Dawn: the video comparison between the PC and PS4 Pro versions
We have published an interesting video-comparison that highlights the graphic differences between the expected PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn and the original one, released on PS4 Pro in February 2017.

The comparison was done between the console version in "resolution" mode and the PC version with everything set on Ultra. To achieve this we used the following hardware configuration:

Processor: Intel Core i5 6600K Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Memory: 16 GB of RAM Operating system: Windows 10 The result obtained is truly remarkable and makes honor both to the design choices of Guerrilla Games and to their ability from a merely technical point of view. Despite being their first game developed for PC since 2004 (Shellshock: Nam '67), the Dutch studio has managed to obtain a beautiful and fluid game, despite still having some burrs that will be fixed with future updates.

In case you want to deepen the discussion we have just published the review for PC of Horizon Zero Dawn, where we reward the game and say that "Horizon Zero Dawn is also confirmed on PC as an extraordinary action RPG, with a suggestive open world setting and fascinating, well-characterized characters and an engaging story, which between the main campaign and expansion will keep you busy for fifty hours or more, depending on the side missions you choose to complete. The strategic approach to fighting, the solid arsenal available and a tree multifaceted skills help to create challenging and engaging gameplay, which in this version is supported by a comp excellent technical limb and an important feature such as 60 frames per second. "

In other words, a game to try absolutely, especially in case you have never played it on console.

How about the conversion job?

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