Need For Speed ​​2021: a video shows the first prototype of the next-gen game

Need For Speed ​​2021: a video shows the first prototype of the next-gen game
A video leaked online and shown by YouTuber BlackPanthaa shows Need For Speed ​​2021 for the first time. In other words, this is the game presented in June by EA and which will arrive on next-gen consoles and on PC not earlier than next year. The video, at the moment, is still a prototype, but it already manages to show the style and structure of this long-awaited game.

At this point in development, in fact, only a very backward version of the code is available. . As you can see, in addition to bare environments and a rather low level of detail, several animations are completely missing and some objects are covered with placeholders.

On the other hand, it is still missing a year before publication, without consider that the built in question is from June and is taken from the PC version of the game and not from that console. However, from these moments of the game, you can begin to understand the arcade style of the gameplay, as well as the open nature of the experience, made up of jumps, shortcuts to find and drifting. Very Burnout-like, as was expected from Criterion, the studio that has returned to the helm of the project.

Presumably the game will use DICE's Frostbite Engine again and is expected between late 2021 and 2022.

How does what you see look like to you?


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