Kaspersky, so increases your spending on cloud and SaaS

Kaspersky, so increases your spending on cloud and SaaS
A recent study by IDG, called the “Cloud Computing Survey 2020,” examines current trends in cloud computing, cloud utilization rate and budgets allocated to cloud platforms. According to the survey, 92% of companies say their IT environment is now at least partially in the cloud, while 55% already use multiple public clouds. By next year, nearly a third of IT budgets will be devoted to cloud computing.

However, data security remains a major concern about cloud adoption for enterprises. In addition to cloud cost control, data privacy and security challenges are a concern for nearly 40% of enterprises. In this regard, Alexander Moiseev, Chief Business Officer of Kaspersky, offered a reflection on the phenomenon of migration to the cloud.

Alexander Moiseev, Chief Business Officer of Kaspersky «The acceleration of migration to the cloud is a clear demonstration of how the market has responded to the pandemic and its lockdown. Many companies have been able to reap the benefits offered by a flexible cloud infrastructure, such as the rapid implementation of new workflows, visibility into the use of resources and the improvement of SLAs "said the CBO.

However, despite the benefits, businesses still see cybersecurity and data protection as the biggest challenge to cloud adoption, if not an obstacle. "These reservations can be overcome with the adoption of strategic measures. For example, organizations should respect the correct configuration of cloud workloads, ensure that their employees receive recommendations on cybersecurity awareness and use dedicated cybersecurity solutions to protect platforms and applications in the cloud ”.

Also the ease of management and transparency contribute to the creation of a secure cloud environment. "Despite the fact that nearly half of the applications (46%) are developed specifically for the cloud and should be managed smoothly, the administrators, however, have difficulties to keep them all under control . The companies are called to find a solution to increase the visibility and ease of management of the entire cloud infrastructure and its security. In this way they would be able to migrate effectively to the cloud, without encountering difficulties during the process."

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