Apex Legends: Season 6 Premiere!

Apex Legends: Season 6 Premiere!
The Apex Legends Season 6 Launch Trailer has finally been released!

Season 6 is called “Boosted” and is coming on August 18th!

What should we expect from the sixth season of the Battle Royale Apex Legends game?

In addition to the usual new battle pass and map changes, there are changes to the Ranked mode and new creation system but not only!

Adding to the novelties of the new Apex season there will be two new legends and a new weapon!

As you can see from the trailer, a new weapon is on the way, it may be a light machine gun?

Rampart and Sheila join the battle!

Rampart is preparing to spice things up in the new season, alongside Sheila.

But in the trailer we only see Rampart, so who is the second legend? And where is Ash the character everyone has been waiting for?

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Last modified: August 7, 2020

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