NBA 2K21: here's where to buy it at the best price

NBA 2K21: here's where to buy it at the best price
Update 26 August 2020: there are very few days left for the official release of NBA 2K21!

Next September 4th NBA 2K21 will finally land on the market, an unmissable annual appointment with the most famous sports video game saga dedicated to basketball ever. An absolutely unmissable title for lovers of the discipline, who can in fact already book it at the best price on the market. What makes it more interesting is the fact that NBA 2K21 is one of the very few titles currently bookable for the highly anticipated next gen, ie for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Booking the title from different retailers, such as for example GameStop, you can also get a preorder bonus, consisting of 6 skill upgrades for My Career mode and 5000 Virtual Currency. Below are all the editions with which NBA 2K21 will land on the market.

Standard Edition

The perfect edition for all those who want to immerse themselves directly in the famous sports without too many frills. The Standard Edition, in addition to the base game, also contains a whole series of digital bonuses if booked, such as a weekly My Team promo package for 10 weeks, a collection of 5 pairs of shoes and the Cover Athlete.

Mamba Forever Edition

The definitive edition of NBA 2k21, dedicated to the late Los Angeles Lakers champion. This edition contains a disproportionate amount of digital content, which will allow us to make sparks online from the very first days. Within the Mamba Forever Edition we can in fact also find 100,000 Virtual Currency, 40 My Team promo packages, 10 at launch and then 3 per week, the Kobe Bryant digital collection and much more. The best, in short, if you want to have as much as possible from NBA 2K21.

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