The PS5 and Xbox Series X graphics are backfire on him - editorial

The PS5 and Xbox Series X graphics are backfire on him - editorial
Can graphic power prove to be a boomerang? If you want the answer, ask Sony and Microsoft, who are discovering what it means to have very powerful consoles (on paper) but without having the ability to convey such visual improvement to users. The streaming events are telling, one piece at a time, the future videogame that will come. But between a Spider-Man: Miles Morales which is first a sequel, then a remaster and then, no, it's really a new game, but smaller; and a Halo: Infinite that announces great things and then, instead, disappoints, the two companies are discovering how difficult it is to convey console graphics and announcements without maxi-events such as E3 or Gamescom.

Without the centrality of a live event, Sony and Microsoft have had to take full advantage of streaming to present the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X games. Trailer one after the other, who said little about the actual experiences, but above all they said nothing about the graphics that have been promised for some time.

One piece at a time the whole bandwagon that Sony and Microsoft have been carrying out for months has been dismantling, underlining the graphic potential of PS5 and Xbox Series X. "You will see some beautiful" they said. The fault of COVID-19, of course, and the lack of live events where people (primarily journalists) could have tried the games themselves; the fault of video streaming, which chokes the resolution and compresses the textures. 4K videos are better, which are then uploaded to YouTube, but still compressed videos.

The design of PS5, which will be available in two versions: with optical and fully digital player. Beyond any extenuating circumstance, the fact remains: less than 4 months after the market launch (referring to a probable debut around mid-November) neither PS5 nor Xbox Series X have yet managed to communicate in any way their power.

And so, here's the joke - instead Nintendo is not having these problems. The Switch has never focused on graphics, and streaming, with its consequences on the aesthetic aspect of the games, has never impacted on the baggage of the expectations of users. The house of Kyoto has moved the focus from graphics for many years and in this context, crash is reaping the fruits of a different strategy, and often, instead, criticized.

Sony and Microsoft, then, are they experiencing the same problems that for many years characterized the virtual reality: if you cannot see it in the first person, it is hard to believe. For PS5 and Xbox Series, X is a problem. Because the E3, Gamescom, the Tokyo Game Show might have jumped this year, but it's far from assured that there will be next year. The organizers of the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 in Las Vegas, the most important fair in the technological world, which is held in January of each year, have already decided: you will live and it will be all digital.

Xbox Series X promises to be the console's most powerful ever built. Today, it is difficult to prove. The risk, then, is that the PS5 and Xbox Series X have had to do less of live events in the months prior to the launch on the market, but find themselves in the same situation also in 2021, that is, during the first and delicate debut year.

What to do then? A half-solution has provided Ubisoft: some of the games they showed were immediately testable by printing using Google Ruler. In this sense, emerges the fullness of the potential of streaming at home, immediately after the announcement, here is the demo of which has been spoken. PS5 and Xbox Series X can not communicate with the Ruler, that is the competitor. But PlayStation Now and the future xCloud may be used as the vehicle to tell the game directly at the spectator; with a package of demo streaming ready to use. Maybe with the comment in the contemporary of the developers.

Microsoft has done something similar recently: the demo of many of the indie games were available for a limited time on the Xbox Store, but the initiative (the Summer Games Fest) has been poorly publicized.

The demo of Halo: Infinite has not impressed for the graphic appearance, on the contrary, the controversy after the event were very heartfelt. Most beds now

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The demo, also, are a difficult topic. In a time in which to develop video games is complex and expensive and in which the pandemic has made it even more difficult to work in a group, create a trial version becomes a difficult obstacle to overcome. Indeed, many publishers and developers have given up a long time. Today, there are accesses in advance and / or the multiplayer beta invitation to try the preview of the games. And yet, the demo may return to play, supported by streaming technology, a primary role in this context is so abnormal.

power is nothing without control, he announced a note advertising. For PS5 and Xbox Series X the lack of control is, meaning does not have a grip on the audience and not do it in the most delicate moment of their life: the months should, indeed, be characterised by expectations of stellar. And the exit from this maze is not an easy thing.

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