League of Legends: Cool New Visual Updates Coming!

League of Legends: Cool New Visual Updates Coming!
The graphic reworks by the League of Legends developers continue to make long-time Champions always attractive!

It is always part of their plans to remodel them so that they respect the canons set by the new characters!

Today , let's talk about 3 lucky champions who will have their updated visuals and graphics: Nocturne, Malzahar and Victor!

The Burn Summoner Spell will also be updated!

Passive - Reduced some of the noise of the shield. It made it a little brighter to distinguish it from other magical shields. Basic Attacks - New missiles and hit effects. Q - New "quick launch" indicator to better represent its actual hitbox.

Completely revamped the entire effect and added new on-hit effects. W - New spawn effects. Void creatures now follow the natural evolution of the Void, changing from white / bony color to their usual appearance as they spawn.

They have new impacts on basic attacks. E - Added a beam from Malzahar to its target on cast. Completely new debuff effect, much less noisy, but still chaotic. When it propagates, a beam connects the dead target to the new one. A - New beam, hit and AOE effects. P - Added a circular effect that indicates the area where Nocturne hits the targets.

When the passive is ready, the effect has been moved from Nocturne's hands to his blades. Basic Attacks - New hit effects and attack animations. Q - New animated claw to be easier to see in team combat. The trail of darkness has been balanced. W - New shield effect with thematic dark elements. E - New light and shadow effects that better illustrate when the target will be scared. R - New visual effect on launch.
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