Gotham Knights: official trailer and all the details

Gotham Knights: official trailer and all the details
It's been just under a year since Warner Bros. Montreal started hinting at the arrival of news for the new Batman universe video game. The developer released some teasers, but silence quickly fell. Today, August 22, 2020, however, the time has come to finally discover the long-awaited Gotham Knights. Here is the official trailer and all the details.

Gotham Knights | Official Trailer

The video opens with the announcement that Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) is dead. The shocking announcement pushes the "vigilants" to become true heroes. The aim of the game is precisely to show Gotham City without its Dark Knight. The characters in the game are:

Knighwing Robin Batgirl Red Hood

What is the release date?

The enemies in the game will be members of the Court of Owls; there will also be other enemies well known to fans, such as Mr Freeze. T he release date is a generic 2021. The reference platforms, on the other hand, are PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Gameplay: classicism and evolution

combat system seems an evolution of what we have already come to love with the previous chapters, but even more fluid. There will be the possibility to move with the bike and to use the classic grapple to reach the raised points. By defeating enemies, as we can see, experience points are obtained: characters will be able to learn new skills to become stronger. There will be gadgets and weapons unique to each character.

It will be possible to play online cooperative with other players: each person chooses one of the heroes and sets out on an adventure. This allows, for example, to distract enemies while our allies take them from behind, or activate combo attacks. The map will obviously be open and you can explore freely.

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