The Batman - the trailer from the DC FanDome

The Batman - the trailer from the DC FanDome
It was the most anticipated panel of the first day of the DC FanDome and in fact it ended in a great way. We are talking about The Batman of which the director Matt Reeves showed the very first official trailer.

Here it is:

This is the dubbed version in Italian:

Matt Reeves on The Batman

Matt Reeves has always stressed that The Batman will not go back to the origins of the character and that his approach to this project has been different from what is usually done when superhero and / or movie assignments are proposed at a very high budget.

From this point of view the director considers himself very lucky and that his pitch has not changed: if they had rejected it he would not have changed it in an attempt to get the job anyway.

Reeves explained that it will not be an origin story but that they will still be an integral part of the narrative as they have helped make Batman the character we will see on screen. Bruce Wayne is in trouble and struggling to overcome a series of obstacles and trauma. Which doesn't necessarily mean he understands what he inevitably set in motion: Batman is still "forming". At the center is the idea of ​​the innermost part of oneself and what guides each of us in life ... how much these two factors can be exploited even if you are unable to fully understand them. There will be a lot of psychology and emotionality that will be elements that will be explored together with the corruption that is rampant in Gotham which is a very relevant issue. Indeed it always is, but today it is particularly felt and perhaps, from my point of view, more than in other historical moments.

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